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About Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC in Fresno, CA

Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC is staffed with Enrolled Agents, Tax Preparers, Staff Accountants and Fee-only Financial Planners.

Kerr Tax Advisors is managed by Andrew Kerr and Samantha Russell, EA. Sam is a dedicated Enrolled Agent / Tax preparer with experience in both tax and accounting. Andrew is a financial advisor specializing in financial planning with an emphasis in tax planning. Aside from what we do for customers, the Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC is an independently owned Tax Preparation firm using a hybrid model of financial advising and tax planning to engage with our customers holistically instead of the traditional transaction based model that most CPA and Tax firms provide. With a focus on client results, affordability and not nickel and diming tax payers to death we are better able to align our value added services to just about anyone.  

Our independence helps us create winning customer experiences. From the way we are compensated to the way we work for you, your best interest is always front and center. Our customer experience's mean everything to us and we make it our goal to make you feel like family every time you call, come to one of our offices or during your annual financial checkup.

Our Core Values

  1. Value People

  2. Embrace Change

  3. Do Right by Customers

  4. Delight Customers

  5. Be Educators, Not Salesman


Who do we work with?

  • Small business owners to midsize operations. (1-150 employees).

  • Successful individuals.

  • Business owners and their families.

  • Professionals. 

  • Agriculture related employees.

  • Recently retired individuals.

  • Successful Investors of all types.


Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC

7255 N. First Street Suite 105

Fresno, CA 93720

559-277-4772 Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm PST

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