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Tax Planning in Fresno, CA

Do you have a tax plan? Consider using Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC to help you establish a sustainable tax plan that can be part of your over all financial plan.

A good financial plan should address all aspects of your life.

Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC and it's team of tax professionals help families and businesses in Fresno, CA. with a variety of tax situations. Many of them happen to be business owners, physicians, farmers, nurses and retirees. Scroll down to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we charge and what to do as you conclude your visit on our website.

Looking for straight forward financial advice or perhaps a financial coach?

Wondering how to pay less in taxes, legally? Did your tax preparer catch you by surprise with some bad news about how much you will owe the IRS?

Not all tax services for small business are the same. Some small business accountants have thousands of clients, but don't ever really take the time to get to know you.

That's why we create a customized tax strategy plan for every new client. This upfront investment helps you to have the very best proactive tax advice so that you save thousands of dollars every year. Ask yourself this question: When is the last time your accountant called you with a good idea?

Our Tax Planning Process

Explore and clarify your goals and lifetime priorities while we develop a mutual understanding. Once we have identified the necessary aspects of your financial life or situation we will develop the solutions that potentially align with your goals. Upon reaching an informed decision through mutual collaboration we will implement our recommendations.

The Process

1. Gather Information

2. Establish Goals & Objectives

3. Analyze Your Situation

4. Develop a Plan

5. Implement  Plan

6. Monitor and Review your Tax Plan

Start Your Personalized Financial Plan in

Under 3 Minutes

What we do..

  • Charge fees for our work.

  • Prepare for life events and what if scenarios.

  • Build a personalized financial life plan.

  • Allign your goals with your money and portfolio.

  • Figure out how to allocate for future goals.

  • Become a smarter investor.

  • Plan for a secure retirement.

  • Decide what to do with your 401(k) accounts.

  • Make decisions about your employee stock options.

  • Decide whether to rent, buy (or sell) your home.

  • Understand your insurance needs.

  • Plan for child and college expenses. 

What we dont do..

  • Offer free intro consultations. We get right to work.

  • Sell you loaded mutual funds.

  • Provide legal advice.

  • Require a minimum level of assets in order for us to work together.

Stages of life we consider...

  • Moving into adolescence

  • Moving away from home

  • Getting married

  • Having children

  • Midlife 

  • Empty-nest

  • Pre-retirement

  • Retirement

  • Death of a Spouse

  • Divorce

  • Job Transfer or Change

  • Financial Inheritance 

  • Financial Windfalls

Need specialized financial advice? Does a bad financial decision have you stressed out?

The advisors and tax experts at Kerr Tax Advisors in Fresno, CA can you help you with a variety of specialized financial advice.

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