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Bookkeeping Services Fresno, CA

You didn't start a business to track your cash flow, run reports or reconcile accounts. 

Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC gives you the freedom to focus on your business, knowing you'll receive accurate, detailed books every month.

Say bye bye to hourly bookkeeping fee's and say hello to affordability...

Flat Fee Bookkeeping Services starting at $399 per month.

Whether your tired of having to figure out the financial health of your business or your behind on your bookkeeping duties, the accountants at Kerr Payroll can help you spend more time building your business and less time managing spreadsheets. 

The staff at Kerr Payroll blend bookkeeping experience, technology and reliable bookkeeping services so you can keep a pulse on your companies financial health.

The bookkeepers at Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC specializes in the following accounting areas:

  • Bank Reconciliations 

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Financial Statements

  • General Ledger

  • Payroll

  • Year end tax preparation, 1099 filings W2's.

  • QuickBooks 

What do you need to provide us each month for bookkeeping?

Depending on the type of services provided and the level of involvement we ask our clients to provide the following, at a minimum:

Monthly bank statements, credit card statements and other records

Notation of expense categories per your chart of accounts

Why Fresno businesses are choosing Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC for bookkeeping.

Unmatched Accuracy
Get accurate books delivered monthly, without surprise bills. Our Fresno bookkeepers are assisted by powerful cloud software that automatically helps eliminates common errors.

Professional Support
Get a finance expert dedicated to your business. Beyond managing your books and payroll taxes, we help you manage accurate payroll, offer financial best practices, and more.

Great for Growing Your Business
With accrual  basis bookkeeping and burn rate and many financial reporting capabilities reports, Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC in Fresno, CA is built for growing business’s. Knowing where your business is at all the time is the new norm if you want to keep up with your competition and ensure profit.

Beyond bookkeeping, we're here for your growing financial needs. With payroll, bookkeeping and reporting the Fresno, CA bookkeepers at Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC will support all of your accounting needs.

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