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Individual Tax Preparation

How does your tax preparation strategy look this year?

With an astounding track record Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC is independently owned tax firm managed by Andrew Kerr and Samantha Russell, EA and staffed with accountants and fee-only advisors. Specializing in individual tax planning and preparation for individuals in the Fresno, CA area. With a special focus on high net worth individuals,  and those with small business interests. Our tax advisors and enrolled agents help individuals file their personal tax returns, with many individuals having high incomes, stock options, small business income (Schedule “C” / S-Corp), income, etc. Our goal is to make filing your personal taxes as easy as possible – as an independently owned firm we touch each client with care and compassion, not last minute responses and surprise billing.

  • Prepare individual federal and state tax returns

  • Ascertain and analyze prior tax filings to review to tax opportunities

  • Prepare quarterly and payroll tax estimates


  • Develop tax planning objectives

  • Review transactions to determine tax outcomes

  • Develop tax projections to ascertain appropriate tax payments

  • Engage in discussions on potential tax legislation and intent




  • Develop financial plan and objectives

  • Create investment portfolio to meet financial plan

  • Engage in annual review of financial plan

  • Review need to asset protection and insurance needs

  • Engage with trusted advisors to ascertain risks

  • Consult on estate and succession planning

  • Review tax considerations to mitigate estate /gift taxes

  • Develop an estate plan with network of trusted advisors

  • Assist in development of immigration plan with network of trusted advisors

  • Consult on US residency rules for immigrants and /or visa holders

  • Prepare and review tax compliance matters for US immigrants and visa holders including non resident tax returns, FBAR compliance, and foreign gift transfers

  • Advise on tax entity structure

  • Review business plans

  • Consult on tax consequences for living abroad for US citizens /residents

  • Review foreign bank account and foreign investment disclosures (FBAR and Form 8938)

  • Review US exit strategies


Your Fresno, CA Individual Tax Service

We advise individuals on the best tax strategies, maximizing the size of your refund and minimizing the personal income taxes you pay to the Federal Government and/or the State of California. We save time, money and headaches by doing the heavy lifting for you. Of particular interest are high net worth individuals, those with business interests. 

Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC works with a wide array of individuals associated with businesses, including vocational schools, medical offices, technology firms, insurance agents, food and beverage, construction, and even non-profits, offering them the best tax services and tax preparation available. Our expert Fresno, CA tax experts can help you minimize your taxes, plan for the future and help you build personal wealth with prudent financial planning strategies. 

Individual Tax Services

Whether you are a full-time employee at a large company, an independent contractor, or a business owner; Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC in Fresno, CA is here to give you the crucial support you need in the everchanging tax law environment. Kerr Tax Advisors can help with the following type of tax returns:

  • Individual Tax Retirns

  • Expatriate tax preparation 

  • Quicker tax refunds with E-file

  • Estate Tax Returns

  • Tax planning

  • Risk Management Review

  • Estate Planning

  • Financial Planning

A couple at a business meeting

Maximize Your Tax Return With Our Tax Preparation Services

Fresno, CA Tax Preparation Service 

Our tax services focus on maintaining profitability and capitalizing on any new opportunities. At Robert Hall & Associates, we steer you closer to these goals with over four decades of experience. Our tax preparers stay on top of the latest tax laws and regulations so you can be confident that you are not missing out on any money-saving opportunities. Our tax preparation services include:


  • E-filing

  • Same-day tax returns

  • Income tax preparation for individuals

  • Business tax return preparation

  • Tax planning to minimize future liabilities

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