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Tax Preparation Services

Integrated tax services can help you plan for the future, reduce tax liability and increase personal wealth.

Fresno, CA Tax and Accounting Services

Whether you just inherited money, received a settlement, have multiple income sources or run a complex business you will likely face a series of complex tax issues along the way. Our team of planners and tax professionals can help you with our holistic approach to tax planning and tax preparation. As financial advisors and tax professionals in Fresno, CA we are not your standard tax mill. We will sit with you, design a tax planning strategy and identify opportunities for you to reduce your tax liabilities without charging exorbitant fees or making you feel lost in the process.


At Kerr Tax Advisors, LLC our understanding of the ever changing tax laws ensures that we determine the best potential outcome for tax savings for your family and your business. 


Tax Reduction Planning

The financial advisors and tax professionals at Kerr Wealth Management can help you avoid costly mistakes by keeping up to date on current tax strategies, illustrating various tax savings strategies and their net tax savings and become your PROACTIVE tax planner.

IRS Tax Problem Resolution

Receiving a notice from an IRS agent can be a scary experience.  Whether you need help filing back taxes, amending an old tax return or resolving a dispute the tax experts at Kerr Wealth can help you so you don't have to lose sleep at night. 

Strategic Tax Planning

As your trusted tax advisor, we carefully analyze your situation and will help you anticipate how your business or family could be impacted by tax laws. Our goal is to manage your effective tax rate so more profits and or household income can be retained.

Tax Returns

Taxes for individuals

Corporate Taxes

Tax Returns for Corporations and Small Businesses

Need help with individual taxes? 

Our Fresno, CA- based tax preparers have the knowledge to help simple to high net worth individual(s) strategically plan for an optimal tax return.

Corporations have highly complex tax reporting requirements. Our corporate tax experts and Enrolled Agents (EA) can help you navigate on shareholder distributions, reasonable wage planning, profit share plans and file your corporate returns.

Other Tax and Accounting Services
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